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Bed Bugs and your home

There is no easy way to say it… bed bugs want to suck your blood! No, really, that is what they feed on: your blood, Particularly when you are snuggled in your bed and your temperature rises, signaling to bed bugs dinner is served. Bed bugs are small, flat wingless insects that are reddish-brown in color and approximately one-quarter inch long, before feeding, about the size of a small apple seed. They come out at night and are fast crawlers.

ants on the march

Ants are attracted to water sources, which can be found in sinks, bathrooms and anywhere else there is water or moisture. On the way to a water source if there is a crumb, a smear of sauce or breadcrumbs left unswept, said ants will stay for a while. The ones you see first in the warmer weather are known as little black ants, common ants, or odorous house ants.

preventing termites

Termites are not white ants. They are more closely related to the cockroach family. That alone might inspire you to call Victoria’s Pest Control. The thing about termites is that often they are unseen and when they are ‘seen’ thousands of dollars in damage has already occurred. Worker termites are the ones that do the damage, their whole lives are spent in dark tunnels, where they literally blindly chew and feed on wood.


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