No Account Setup Fees For All New Pest Control Customers!


  •                                                                                             VICTORIA’S PEST CONTROL



  • Regular quarterly service        $89.00 per visit 
  • Includes: Rodents, ants, and common household walking insects.
  • Does NOT include: termites, bed bugs, fleas and carpet beetles.

  • Bees for Quarterly Customers$50 per visit
  • Bees for Customer without Regular Service  $89 per visit 
  • Includes: Any bee that makes a nest (Community bees). Good for multiple nests at once and comes with a two week warranty. 

  • Termite treatments   Inspection needed
  • Every infestation is different and every home is different. Therefore an inspection is required. I will always find the best solution for the customer. Also comes with a one year warranty, transferable to new owners if needed. *

  • Termite Monitoring and Warranty*    $120 yearly 

  • Bed Bugs  $600 service
  • Note: This service includes three visits spaced every two weeks. The base price includes two bedrooms to be treated. Each additional room is $100. 

  •  Fleas for Households $200 1st visit
  • For average home, Approximately 2000 square feet. Each follow up visit is $100.

  • Deer Tick Sprays .  (This service also helps with cave crickets.)  $50 per 1/4 acre

  • Digger Bees $50 per 1/4 acre
  • Digger bees may need a second treatment for larger infestations. More than 100 holes will have another charge. 

*termite warranty covers the cost of re-treatment do to re-infestation